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“Mass Tourism Of The Worst Sort”

Published July 19, 2015

Photos by
Gabríel Benjamin

In an interview with Túristi.is, Clive Stacey – the owner of the popular tourist website Discover the World – shared some of his thoughts on Iceland’s fastest growing industry. In particular, he believes Iceland ought to place a cap on the number of tourists who visit, and that hotels should be built in places that are not Reykjavík.

“This is mass tourism of the worst sort,” he said, describing the way tourists are often shepherded onto tour buses and whisked through natural sites. “Iceland should instead try to attract guests who are looking for an unparalleled experience and spend more.”

Clive also points out the tragic irony of tourists coming to Iceland in order to visit sites of natural wonder, which are facing increasing damage due to the increasing numbers of tourists.

“It is important to note that one of the main attractions of Iceland is the possibility of experiencing a large open area, away from groups of tourists,” he said. “Many tourists still expect to get this experience in Iceland.”

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