From Iceland — 36 Fin Whales Hunted

36 Fin Whales Hunted

Published July 19, 2015

Photo by
Borkur Sigurbjornsson/Wikimedia Commons

Not even half of this year’s quota of fin whales has been culled, but the season is only about three weeks old.

MBL reports four fin whales were culled yesterday, putting the grand total hunted so far at 36. Although the hunting season started later than usual, weather conditions on the sea have made matters relatively easy.

Making matters slightly more difficult has been the direct action being engaged by protest group Hard To Port, who have been following whaling ships to and from the Hvalfjörður whaling base.

In addition, international pressure on Iceland continues to mount over a shipment of whale meat headed for Japan. Numerous animal rights and environmentalist groups have called upon US President Barack Obama to hold to his promise of stepping up sanctions against Iceland, and actress Pamela Anderson, for her part, has called upon Russian President Vladimir Putin to stop the fin whale shipment from passing through Russian waters.

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