From Iceland — La La La Luz You, La Luz!

La La La Luz You, La Luz! <3

Published November 8, 2014

Chris D'Alessandro
Photo by
Zoe Rain

If you have any brain floating around inside that skull of yours, on the hour of 22:30 you were probably seeking refuge at Iðnó from the frigid gales to warm up to La Luz and their infectious concoction of surfy garage rock and retrograde doo-wop… If you weren’t there, you were fucking up… you should write a book called “How to fuck up attending Iceland Airwaves” you dummy idiot. Fucker.

I’m sorry, I take the name-calling back. But if you were not at Iðnó soaking up the jangly good vibes of La Luz you missed out on a party hosted by four talented and frustratingly beautiful ladies from Seattle, a city that is no stranger to promising young bands. La Luz are certainly promising, and being invited to play Iceland Airwaves is definitely a hearty indication that they’re on the right track… The girls rose to the occasion with great zeal, playing three different gigs at three different venues, all on Friday… Hell yeah.

La Luz are magic on stage, it looks like they are having more fun than the audience, adorably teasing each other or lightly mocking a slight miss-step in playing, it’s these little idiosyncrasies in a bands performance that create a really contagious and fun atmosphere. A sea salt sprayed atmosphere brimming with sweet guitar tones, illustrious and alluring organ lines, and some of the best “oozin’ ahhs” (A la Bad Religion) vocal harmonies I’ve ever heard.

Halfway through the set a soul train was summoned by singer, Shana, as she ordered the audience to split the crowd right in the middle, like Moses parting the red sea type shit, and told people to dance down the humanoid corridor towards the stage for the duration of the 2-minute instrumental. They are like fucking snake charmers, but with people. People charmers.

Consider me fully charmed, and congrats to Alice the organ player because she can now cross out ‘Crowd surf in Iceland’ off her bucket list. I just added ‘shotgun beers with La Luz’ to my bucket list, help me cross it off?

Surf on my wayward son.

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