From Iceland — Bringing The Sun To Reykjavík

Bringing The Sun To Reykjavík

Published November 8, 2014

A rave at Reykjavík’s Art Museum with Klangkarussell

Saskia Vallendar
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Saskia Vallendar

A rave at Reykjavík’s Art Museum with Klangkarussell

The lights turned orange, people started cheering and throwing their arms up in the air —  electro duo Klangkarussell kicked off  their massive breakthrough hit ‘Sonnentanz’… and Reykjavík loved it!

At midnight, on the dot, Klangkarussell took the stage and the party literally started. There was a lot of pushing happening, a lot of being pushed around. Per the course for a typical rave or concert, everyone tried to get to the front and squeeze as close as possible to stage and DJs. From the first song onwards, everyone danced and enjoyed those beats. Those beats.

The duo played several songs of their album ‘Netzwerk’, just released earlier this year. But when the beat for ‘Sonnentanz’ began, the crowd went crazy! ‘Sonnentanz’ translates into ‘Sundance’, and that hypnotic electro tune certainly brought the sunshine back to cold and windy Reykjavík. People were sitting on each others shoulders and everyone was jumping when they heard Will Heard’s voice in the track singing that the “sun don’t shine”. The yellow and orange lighting really made it seem like the sun was shining!

Being pushed around, getting crushed by the crowd – it didn’t matter anymore. It surely felt like a summer rave. And let me tell you, it was getting hot in there.

The two good-looking guys behind the DJ console, Tobias Rieser und Adrian Held, formed Klangkarussell in 2011. Their biggest hit to date is ‘Sonnentanz’ which made it to the Top 10 in six countries. Klangkarussell are very popular in and around Germany, were, to my surprise, not known at all amongst the people I spoken to before. Mention Klangkarussell in Germany— everyone loves that shit!

It was the last gig at Hafnarhús on Friday night and unlike most other concerts that last for about half an hour, Klangkarussell kept us raving until well after 1am. Sadly, this was their only performance at Airwaves, as they had to rush straight to Belgium for another gig. However, in the space of one hour, they managed to bring some much needed sunshine and summer vibes to Reykjavík.

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