From Iceland — Goat With Big Personality

Goat With Big Personality

Published October 21, 2013

Molly the goat is a bit of a prima donna and takes every opportunity to sneak into her favourite spot in the living room at her farm.

Molly’s born in spring 2012 but her mother neglected her and so Molly became a cosset, regional news site Skessuhorn reports.

She was then sold to farm Bjarteyjarsandur in Hvalfjörður, where she continued being a pet kid and from the start, showed signs of being a very strong personality, doing things her own way.

She’s very selective of which people and animals to socialise with. Farmer Guðmundur Sigurjónsson has been a special favourite of Molly since she arrived but to begin with, the feeling wasn’t mutual.

However, Molly’s very persuasive and grows on people. Guðmundur is the only one allowed to milk her; if anyone else attempts to, Molly gets very annoyed and goes off sulking.

Despite knowing full well she is a goat and that different rules apply to her than people, Molly really enjoys being in the dwellings of humans.

She sneaks in through the open front door whenever she gets the chance and finds her favourite spot, on the best couch in the house. There, she makes herself really comfortable, causing mixed reactions by the residents of the house.

Molly is a true gourmet goat, she loves food and hot dogs are her favourite. She’s not a big fan of mustard, though, but takes her hot dog with everything else.

She also enjoys going for a spin in the car and therefore is sometimes offered to go for a Sunday drive, in the front seat of course.
Molly also enjoys going to the beach but doesn’t really like having to walk far or for too long.

Although, last summer she did take a long walk all on her own, over the next hill to check out the whaling station. Social butterfly Molly had probably heard some racket from there and gotten curious.

But once she had relieved her curiosity, Molly needed a car ride home; no way was she walking all the way back!

Picture gallery of Molly on Skessuhorn’s website.

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