From Iceland — Most Young Icelanders Considering Moving Abroad

Most Young Icelanders Considering Moving Abroad

Published October 21, 2013

A new survey shows that most young Icelanders are considering moving abroad.
Market and Media Research reports that 56% of those between the ages of 18 and 29 said they have considered leaving Iceland within the past month. This is above the national average for all age groups – 40% – and nearly the same percentage of the national average for those who have not considered moving, or 60%.
Perhaps unsurprisingly, the likelihood of an Icelander wanting to leave their country decreases the older they are: 49.3% of those from ages 30 to 39; 43% of those from 40 to 49; 33.2% of those from 50 to 59; 18.6% of those from 60 to 67 and only 5.9% of those 68 or older.
People living in the capital area were more likely (43.6%) than those living in the countryside (34.5%) to want to move from Iceland.
Although “economic reasons” was cited by 23.4% of those who said they wanted to leave Iceland, “reasons other than economic” were the motivations behind 16.6% of those with the desire to move.

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