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Support For Coalition Parties Drops

Published October 21, 2013

Both coalition parties have lost support since the elections in April; support for leading Progressive Party has dropped by ten percentage points since spring.

Around 14.8% of voters support the Prime Minister’s party now, compared to 24.4% in April, according to a new poll.

The Independence Party still has more support than leading Progressive Party or 23.2% of all votes, a drop from 26.7% in spring, RÚV reports.

Combined, the coalition is now supported by 38% of all voters.

The Social Democratic Alliance has gained support and is now the second largest party in Iceland, with 19.7% support.
The Left Green Movement also bounces back a bit and would now receive 14.5% support, compared to 10.9% of votes in the elections.

Bright Future is on a roll and gets 12.4% support now, whereas it received 8.2% of the votes in April. The Pirate Party’s support also increases from 5.1% in the elections to 8.5% now, according to the poll.

Dawn, which received 3.1% of votes in April has dropped to 2.3% support now and the remaining parties’ support is below that.

The poll was conducted by the Faculty of Social and Human Science at the University of Iceland from 3 to 16 October.

A total of 979 individuals replied and 866 answered the questions about party support.

Thereof, 796 people picked a certain political party, 49 replied “Don’t know” but 32 claimed they wouldn’t vote and 52 that they would turn in blank votes or annul their votes.

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