From Iceland — VIDEO: New Skálmöld Video, A Searing Critique On The Rise Of Tourism?

VIDEO: New Skálmöld Video, A Searing Critique On The Rise Of Tourism?

Published August 21, 2013

Our favourite Viking metal band Skálmöld released a new video for their song “Narfi” yesterday. It is directed by Bowen Staines of Don’t Panic Films, who also directed Sólstafir’s “Fjara” music video last year.
We posted the video on our Facebook feed, asking people to decipher the plot, and received this gem of a description from Watt Tyler:

“Clearly a searing critique of the rise in tourism. Brett and his daughter Tiffany embark on a Golden Circle Tour after overstaying their visit to the Viking Hotel – they have to hurry to catch the bus so leave in full fun fur viking fancy dress. The bus driver finds their continuous questions – ‘Where is Jon Gnarr/What does BSI stand for/How do you make the sound of that letter/Will there be northern lights/do you eat rotten shark/That Brennivin is rank’ annoying so throws them off the bus. Aware of the need for tourists not to change their jackets for fear of being categorised as lost they retain their outfits and visit the Zoo but are not overly impressed with the Wolf, Snake, Bird combination on offer. They go to Vik in the hope of picking up another bus and hang about on the beach for a bit. Tiffany swaps her white clothes for some red clothes ignoring the warnings about changing and becoming a lost tourist. Hence they are lost. Happily they picked up some entrails in Bonus so there will be dinner. The end.”

The song is from Skálmöld’s latest ‘Börn Loka’ concept album, which we thought was about the mythical Loki and his terrible children. Perhaps we were mistaken?

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