From Iceland — College Humor’s Jake & Amir Were Almost Arrested In Iceland

College Humor’s Jake & Amir Were Almost Arrested In Iceland

Published August 21, 2013

Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld have garnered Internet fame as the riotous workplace duo, Jake & Amir, for NYC-based comedy website, College Humor. Earlier this summer Amir and Jake took a break from the office to vacation in Iceland and managed to get into some real life shenanigans that summoned local law enforcement.

Since these antics didn’t make it to YouTube, the pair decided to share their brush with the law on their new advice podcast, ‘If I Were You,’ which openly prioritises comedy over wisdom. In between giving dubious advice and mocking their listeners’ questions, Amir and Jake took the opportunity to remind their listeners that they themselves are not immune to sticky situations.

According to the comedic retelling on their podcast, Jake was nearly arrested at a nightclub for refusing to pay approximately 158,000 ISK for two bottles of Grey Goose Vodka and table service that he didn’t remember ordering at an “exclusive club,” after drinking heavily with friends and locals. “We were the pied piper of drunken Icelandic people,” Amir claims. But when Jake was asked to pay the piper, A.K.A. the bartender, he started singing a different tune.

Hilarity ensues as Jake recounts his negotiations with Icelandic law enforcement, which he describes as equally stubborn, genial and naive. To find out whether Jake resolved the dispute, listen to their podcast. Towards the end of the story Amir jokes, “Icelandic prison, by the way, is a three star hotel.” Jake continues, “It’s the Blue Lagoon. Everybody at the Blue Lagoon is just being held there against their will. The arresting officer gives you a massage.”

Tell that to the intoxicated woman who was brutally handled by Reykjavík police during a different arrest this summer. While that incident was caught on video and posted to YouTube, these YouTube stars escaped Iceland without enduring drowning in a thermal pool or floating on a glacier pushed out towards Greenland, which are some other archaic forms of Icelandic justice Amir and Jake imagine.

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