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Disruptions For Tourists Caused By Spring Melting

Published June 5, 2013

Travellers in Iceland should be aware of possible landslides and flooding in various places.

A few landslides have damaged the road by Kaldakinn in the Northeast, route 85, so it remains closed until next week. To get from Akureyri to Húsavík, drivers can take route 845, over Fljótsheiði and through Aðaldalur, according to RÚV.

The Icelandic Met Office warns of further landslides and flooding due to spring melting, especially in the North and East.

Mbl.is reports about flooding in Þingvellir national park, where Öxará river has spread out over the paths leading from Lögberg to Peningagjá. It‘s not uncommon during winter but less so in summertime, so tourists need to take caution and be prepared for not being able to access all of the most popular sightseeing spots.


The photo does not depict the current situation at Þingvellir – for that, see mbl.is story.

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