From Iceland — ICE-SAR Director Resigns Over Allegations Of Money Laundering

ICE-SAR Director Resigns Over Allegations Of Money Laundering

Published October 31, 2012

The director of Icelandic Search And Rescue has resigned after allegations of money laundering surfaced – and secretly recorded audio showing evidence of such appeared on YouTube.
DV reports that Guðmundur Örn Jóhannsson, the director of Iceland Search And Rescue (ICE-SAR, or Landsbjörg, in Icelandic) has made the decision to take a temporary leave of his position after audio surfaced that implicates him in a money laundering scheme.
Guðmundur had previously denied any of the allegations against him, telling reporters, “I swear that I have not abused my position at Landsbjörg. Why would I launder money through Landsbjörg? That is absurd.”
However, in the recording – which was made without Guðmundur’s knowledge – he and another party discuss moving tens of millions of krónur into Landsbjörg, and how much they stand to earn from the transaction.
In some cases, the amount quoted is up to some 50 million ISK per week. Specific instructions are given to open new bank accounts and distribute the laundered money into five new companies in order to conceal the full amount being hidden. The video also includes screencaps of emails from Guðmundur on how much money will be received and how to handle it.
The whole video (in Icelandic) can be seen below:

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