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Chaos Erupts At RÚV Over Wrong Episode Aired

Published May 23, 2012

The offices of the national broadcasting service, RÚV, found themselves in the centre of a maelstrom of anger yesterday afternoon, due to a mistake involving a soap opera.
Guiding Light (is. Leiðaljós) is a very popular series in Iceland, and is shown by RÚV weekdays at 17:00. Yesterday, due to a mislabeling of episodes, the same episode that was shown the day before was shown again.
This mistake was apparently inexcusable to many, RÚV reports. Their phone lines became jammed with calls from viewers, “most of them polite”, who wanted to point out the error and express dissatisfaction. The lines became so tied up, in fact, that it became nearly impossible for RÚV employees to call out of the building.
Eventually, the calling quelled, and business was allowed to continue as usual. The unseen episode of Guiding Light will be shown this Friday.

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