From Iceland — Priest Contends Prejudice Exists Against People Who Oppose Homosexuality

Priest Contends Prejudice Exists Against People Who Oppose Homosexuality

Published September 20, 2011

A priest of the Icelandic Church of Christ (Íslensku Kristskirkjunnar) wrote an opinion piece contending that he does not hate gay people; he hates gay sex. Furthermore, he believes that opposing those who oppose homosexuality is a form of intolerance.
Friðrik Schram, the priest in question, wrote his piece for Fréttablaðið in response to an earlier opinion piece by Anna Kristinsdóttir, the director of human rights for the city of Reykjavík. Anna had said that Friðrík believes homosexuality is a sin. He denies this is the case, saying:

Preference is not the same as action. Many homosexuals do not have sex with people of the same gender, even though they have preferences in that direction. We have to make a distinction there, as I do.

Friðrík adds that his opinion of homosexuality is based on “2,000 years of Christianity” and that his opinion is in line with “the majority of Christians around the world.”
The driving point of the entire piece, however, is that Friðrík believes that his opposition to homosexuality leads to intolerance being directed at him and others who think as he does.

Now it has come to pass that those who are not happy with homosexuals living together [refering to Iceland’s “one marriage law for all” legislation which legalised gay marriage] are considered prejudiced and are discriminated against … Straight people who show their opposition to people of the same sex having sex with each other are discriminated against. Where is the tolerance, or does it only go one way?

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