From Iceland — 23% Of The Country Ill Last Week

23% Of The Country Ill Last Week

Published September 21, 2011

Nearly a fourth of the nation was laid up with some sort of illness, according to the results of a new Capacent poll. This is the highest recorded simultaneous bug in Iceland since it began to be measured.
One of Capacent’s projects is the “social gauge”, one aspect of which is to ask respondents how they were feeling the day before.
Last week, all of 23% of respondents said they had been hit with headaches, colds, flues, or any combination of these. This is the highest percentage reporting illness since the social gauge began – the second highest measurement was last March, with 19.3% reporting the same.
Illness was also significantly more prominent with women than men. While 18.5% of men reported falling ill last week, so did 28.3% of women. At this time last year, the average for both genders was 17%.
What accounts for the outbreak of real or perceived illness is still unexplained.

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