From Iceland — Named Daughter After "Alien" Protagonist

Named Daughter After “Alien” Protagonist

Published May 31, 2011

An Icelander has named his daughter Ripley, after the hero of the Alien movie series. The Icelandic Name Committee has subsequently approved the name as legal.
Iceland has fairly strict standards when it comes to what its citizens name their children. A special name committee regularly reviews submitted names for approval, and normally only approves those which can be proven to have an historical or cultural connection to the country.
However, Vísir reports that Ragnar Hansson has named his newborn daughter Ripley, after Ellen Ripley, the hero of the Alien movie series. He explained that he met his wife at a showing of the film, and that it has since been a movie dear to them both. But he also believes that Ripley serves as a good example for children.
“She’s just such a great role model,” he said. “She’s a strong female character, not some wuss.”
After submitting the name for approval with the Name Committee, he was cautiously optimistic. “We did not know quite what to expect. We went through the usual process, but could find no connection between the name and Iceland.”
However, the Name Committee approved the name, possibly because Ripley ends the same way many old fashioned Icelandic girls’ names end, such as Sóley and Fanney. The daughter’s full name is now Ripley Anna Ragnarsdóttir, with the second name being the same as her paternal grandmother.
“We are very grateful to the Name Committee,” Ragnar said. “Even if we aren’t really happy with their existence.”

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