From Iceland — Jerks In Black Car Terrorise Kids, Money Comes To Iceland, Gnarr Abused By Transvestite

Jerks In Black Car Terrorise Kids, Money Comes To Iceland, Gnarr Abused By Transvestite

Published March 18, 2011

Today Fréttablaðið’s front-page features a photo of men working on a Russian trawler. “Spring chores in a blizzard,” the caption reads. Soon they will be leaving the Hafnafjörður harbour.
In the main story of the day, “men in a black car haven’t quit” terrorising kids in Grafarvogur by trying to coax them into their car (cut it out jerks in the black car).
Engineers are “working on the fixing Fukushima” in Japan and they’ve managed to get electricity working at one of the reactors.
Lastly, Sigurður Einarsson says, “no Russian company did business with Kaupthing in Luxembourg.”
Meanwhile, Morgunblaðið’s front-page features a beautiful photo of oystercatcher birds. The caption reads, “oystercatchers have arrived at the right time to Seltjarnarnes. They come to Iceland every year in mid March and leave again in August […]” (it goes on, but I couldn’t be bothered. You could probably check out Nature magazine or wikipedia to learn more about the bird’s nesting habits).
In big news, “money comes to Iceland once again” (well, sort of). Some big companies, including Össur, Marel, Landsvirkjun, and Icelandic Group, have received money from foreign investment companies. 
There’s a “Flight ban over Libya” due to “expected air strikes on Gaddafi’s strongholds tonight.”
Vilhjálmur Egilsson, director of the Confederation of Icelandic Employers is “terror-stricken about what is being discussed,” in terms of Iceland’s quota system.
Lastly, “Island men [Westman Islanders] wait patiently and optimistically for Landeyjahöfn harbour” (which was supposed to replace the old one, Þorlákshöfn, only it keeps filling up with sand and needs some serious dredging).
On the front page today, DV is reporting that Jón Gnarr was “abused by a transvestite, an event that changed Jón Gnarr’s life.” Jón is quoted saying, “I wanted to die.”
“Lilja has had enough of Westwick,” (that big time ‘Gossip Girl’ star who thinks he is hot shit in Iceland).
Flight attendant Sara Dögg Ásgeirsdóttir who plays the role of a journalist in that TV show Pressa, says, ‘flying keeps me grounded,’ (how clever of her).”
Because of “bullying in Hveragerði: A boy gets homeschooled,” (that’s sad). Someone says, “it’s a scandal” that books have been taken away from patients at Landspítali hospital (the hospital has argued that books can spread germs).
Ögurstund Baldurs Guðlaugsson has experienced a “rise and fall,” (he is being charged with insider trading).
KSÍ “Judges spank newbies” with belts and candles in a hazing ritual (weirdos).
And lastly, “documents were destroyed after the bankruptcy, spokesmen of Sigurplast are being forced to return laptops,” (but is this surprising? Which criminal, psychopath or generally dubious businessmen wouldn’t destroy evidence after going bankrupt).

This is a Friday roundup of the news that made it on the front page of Iceland’s newspapers. That is, the two most widely read dailys, Morgunblaðið and Fréttablaðið, and the popular tabloid, DV, which comes out four times per week. Check back next Friday for more FUN!

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