From Iceland — Casiokids


Published October 13, 2009

Oh yes! Dubby, poppy, swinkly basslines, Mr Oizo-esque bubbly farty electro-kazoo noises! Jaunty drums! Yes, jaunty! Sweet pop melodies! Harmonies! One Two Three Four heartbeat wowness! Synths not synthetics! Infiltration of happiness! This couldn’t get any better! Test me! Try and listen to these songs without smiling, groovin, grinnin and vowing to order more sugary cocktails: that’s right, bucko, you can’t! Casiokids have made you happy! Tough shit if that’s not what you wanted! You suck! The names of the songs go like this: Verdens Største Land (demo) / Fot I Hose Grønt Lys I Alle Ledd / Togens Hule / Gomur Mamma (Unreleased)! You don’t care! You’re eating Pez direct from the dispenser and have a sudden urge to play with Rubiks Cubes! Play this to the bankers and the arschloch cunthurdling thieves will explode, showering the world in semi-digested hedge funds and blobs of gold! Probably.

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