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Published October 13, 2009

Casiokids! Give us a short introduction of yourself! Why should the uninitiated check out your show?
You sound excited. I will suggest you start more cautiously by first checking out our music and videos on Spotify or Myspace. Then, if you’re still positive and thrilled, come to our show and we will try our best.
Next week, you will board a flight to RVK. We assume you’ll be making an iPod playlist. Give us ten tracks you would put on it (and if you want to include a sentence on why for each one, then by all means do).
I must say first that I am very much looking forward to coming! My first time in Reykjavik and Iceland and I am very excited. Sorry that this playlist turned out so melancholy and sad, I promise to put my dancing shoes on in the evenings during the Airwaves festival.
Burt Bacharach
– Ill never fall in love again
Jens Lekman
– I Don’t Know if She’s worth 900 kr
Bob Hund – Den Ensamme
Sjömannens Födelsedag
Jonathan Johansson
– En hand i Himlen
Cat Stevens – Don’t be shy
Wetete Mare – Muluqen Mellesse
Lloyd Chambers & The Soul Stirrers – Come See About Me
Teeny Grownups – I Was a Teacher
Bjørn Torske – Møljekalas
Familjen – Kom Säger dom
Do you plan on catching any shows at Airwaves? Who are you interested in seeing and why?
I want to see Micachu & The Shapes. I have some of their tracks in my collection, like my favourites, Turn Me Well and Guts, so I’m curious to catch them live. I’ve had so many chances to see them this summer on various festivals in the UK, but I’m always eating or getting there too late or perhaps even playing myself when they are on. This time I believe we even play the same stage on the same evening, so I promise to finally go see them, I’ll even bring my food to the concert if I have to.
What was the idea with the kindergarten gigs? Were the kids into it?
We did a gig at Gyldenpris Kindergarten in Bergen for our Norwegian release of the album “Fück MIDI!” in 2006 and did not know what to expect, and we were relieved and happy to see the kids so excited. Playing for kids, and especially in kindergartens when their parents are not around and they are just around their friends, is as crazy as any chaotic, teenage home alone party.
They let themselves go completely, not caring what anyone thinks, and just roam around us in excitement, climbing us and joining in on percussion and instruments we lay around the room. We respect them as much as any other audience, and since Casiokids started in 2004 we’ve done shows from everyone from 0 – 90. We don’t have a target audience, and I think that no music has got that.
Does the band have any sort of MO and if so, what is it?
Our overall mission, even from the early years when we made edits of our favourite tracks of New Kids on the Block, Queen and Beck to bring to our friend’s parties, is to have a good time.
How should Airwaves guests prepare for your show?
We would prefer if everyone came in animal costumes. We like to believe we connect well with animals, and this summer we did a show in a farm outside of Oslo where we played an acoustic show for a sow, a goat and a handful of cows (a gang of chickens were also nearby, though I suspect they were not paying attention judging by their loud clucking). (Answers by Ketil)

  • When: Friday 21:50
  • Where: Reykjavík Art Museum
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