From Iceland — Days Before Elections, Months-Old Party Gaining Support

Days Before Elections, Months-Old Party Gaining Support

Published April 21, 2009

The Citizen’s Movement, a party formed just months ago in the wake of
the January Revolution, is currently polling strong enough to win four
seats in parliament.
The results of the latest Capacent poll show few changes for most other parties, but the Citizen’s Movement appears to be growing by leaps and bounds, having nearly doubled its support over the past week. The party now stands at 7%, which translates into four seats in parliament.
Newly formed parties winning seats in parliament is uncommon in Iceland, although not unheard of – the Leftist-Greens pride themselves in having formed their party mere months before elections in 1999 yet winning six seats, and the Liberal Party won two seats in parliament the same year, despite being founded in November 1998.
Other results of the newest Capacent poll show the Leftist-Greens at 25.9% (17 parliamentary seats instead of nine), and the Social Democrats at 30.5% (20 seats instead of 17). The Conservatives could be taking a big hit this Saturday, as they currently poll at 22.9% – a drop from 25 seats to 15. The Progressive Party, currently polling at 11.8%, would hang onto its seven seats, while the Liberal Party – trailing at a paltry 1.1% – would not win a seat in parliament.
General elections will be held this Saturday, 25 April. Read more about the parties and what they stand for at Grapevine’s Election Fever page.

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