Airwaves Tipsters: JFDR

Airwaves Tipsters: JFDR

Jófríður Ákadóttir is a member of GANGLY, Pascal Pinon, Samaris and JFDR, (her solo project). She’s always one of the busiest Icelandic artists during the Airwaves period—you’ll see her rushing from stage to stage, a guitar on her back and a keyboard in her hand. Here are her picks for Iceland Airwaves 2017.

Geisha Cartel
This band has a song called ‘10 Bleikir Símar,’ or ‘10 Pink Phones,’ that I love, both for its aesthetics and humour. It makes me happy that hip-hop is becoming both softer and weirder. Expansion in any directions is a sign of movement and growth.

Káryyn’s music has been floating around my awareness for a while, and I’ve never had the chance to see her perform live. She’s an artist who delivers from the core, uncompromising and true, and will be a beauty to see on stage.

Mammút released a beautiful new album this year and continue to amaze with their ambition and dedication to their music and each other. They are masters of two things I dearly love in a band: rawness and friendship.

Glintshake I’ve never seen live but I caught the singer, Kate NV, at Reeperbahn and am curious to see this band perform. I also think we all ought to support these Russian visitors and strengthen our ties for the upcoming football tournament.

Last but not least, I pick GusGus, a celebration of my soft spot for an era I missed, and also because of the fact that dance music lives forever.

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Posted October 12, 2017