Official Response to Ég Á Líf/I Am Cow Scandal

Words by Catharine Fulton
The interwebs have been abuzz of late with speculation that Iceland’s 2013 Eurovision Song Contest entry, Ég Á Líf, bears a striking resemblance to the song I Am Cow by Canadian musical comedy group The Arrogant Worms.

Now the Performing Rights Society of Iceland, STEF, which is tasked with administering Icelandic copyright and overseeing rights management for Icelandic musicians, has gone on the record, calling any comparisons unfounded, RÚV reports. Valgeir Magnússon, the manager representing 'Ég Á Líf' composers Pétur Örn Guðmundsson and Örlygur Smári, verified with STEF that the idea of having experts compare the two songs and rule on their similarities was laughable, as both he and STEF saw no likeness among the two tunes.

What do you think? Does Eyþór’s moo-ving performance have anything in common with I Am Cow?

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