From Iceland — Best Of Reykjavík 2018: Best Goddamn Store

Best Of Reykjavík 2018: Best Goddamn Store

Published April 28, 2018

Best Of Reykjavík 2018: Best Goddamn Store

While high prices mean Reykjavík isn’t really thought of as a shopper’s paradise, there are still plenty of great local products you can only get here. Whether you’re hunting for a piece of Icelandic design, searching for hard-to-find vinyl by an Icelandic artist, stocking the fridge of your Airbnb, or hunting down the perfect hand-knitted lopapeysa, this guide will get you on the right track. Most of the winners are located in downtown Reykjavík, but a few are scattered throughout the Greater Reykjavík area, giving you a good excuse to get out of the city centre hubbub and do some exploring. Happy shopping!

Best Goddamn Store

Húrra Reykjavík
Hverfisgata 50 & 78

Húrra Reykjavík mostly stocks trendy sportswear that is made for the city. Organised in neat rows, each one is like a mini capsule wardrobe in itself. Young Icelandic rappers and their loyal fans all shop here, ready to line up for the new Yeezys, dressed in their uniform of puffer jacket, cap and spotless sneakers.


Skólavörðustígur 7 & 16

With the Geysir family expanding to homeware and taking over the downtown fashion scene, it’s no wonder this is one of the most fashionable places to shop in town. They stock both fine, practical knits from their own label, and international brands such as Ganni and Hope, offering elegant selections that aren’t out of place in the ever-changing Icelandic climate. It’s a beautiful store: even window shopping there is a pleasurable experience. And if you can’t always afford a piece, you can always get inspired.


Flying Tiger
Laugavegur 13

Did you forget to buy a gift? Have you suddenly found the need to watercolour? Are you doing an impromptu renovation of your living room? Flying Tiger has got your back. It’s not like it pretends to offer the best quality, but if you need something urgently and you’re a downtown pedestrian, there’s no better place.

Previous Winners

2016: Kjötborg
2015-6: Geysir

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