From Iceland — Grapevine Events: Reykjavík Peace Walk, Gigs & So Much More

Grapevine Events: Reykjavík Peace Walk, Gigs & So Much More

Published December 21, 2023

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Samtök hernaðarandstæðinga

We know that right now all you can think of is finishing all your deadlines and going on last-minute Christmas shopping sprees, but there’s a lot more worth adding to you to do list: gigs, parties, movie marathons and whatnot. You can find more events here: If you’re planning to visit a museum, make sure to check the opening times during the holidays.

Satanvatnið Ballet Premiere

Thursday December 21 — Tjarnarbíó — 20:30 — 4.500 ISK

What happens when you mix two contrasting forms of art together, like ballet and metal? Well, Satanvatnið happens, that’s what. The metal ballet Satanvatnið is the first original ballet in the history of Iceland, incorporating the clichés of the respective art forms. Directed and produced by Selma Reynisdóttir, the ballet premieres tonight, with more performances on January 13 and 21. Get your tickets here. JB

PROM: Bjartar Sveiflur & Inspector Spacetime

Thursday December 21 Gamla Bíó 21:00 2.900 ISK

Time to ask out your crush, rent a limo and find the perfect dress because it’s once again time for the Bjartar Sveiflur’s annual winter prom! Despite the fact Reykjavík’s best cover band didn’t get the memo that prom typically happens at the end of the school year, we still love an excuse to get dolled up, go on a date, dance like idiots and pass around that bottle of Cointreau stolen from our parents’ liquor cabinet. This year’s prom will be totally A-list, with cool kids Inspector Spacetime joining the show. The battle for king and queen will be more devastating than ever, but remember that the tiara is just plastic. So get your boss’ old prom dress, sneak out after mathletes, watch out for the pig’s blood and cut loose. Happy prom! RX

Andkristni MMXXIII

Thursday & Friday December 21 & 22Gaukurinn 18:00 4.666 ISK

Ahh, yuletide. The time that for thousands of years, pagan cultures celebrated the longest day of darkness and the soon-to-return light with wild partying and carnal pleasures. And then the Christian church came around, got mad that it wasn’t about them and that people were having drunken orgies so they rebranded the whole thing as “Christmas”! Having none of that, the Andkristni (“Antichrist”) metal festival has embraced the origins of the season with dark, heavy, extreme music – much like our winter weather. This year’s lineup includes Auðn, Forsmán, Hekla, Kælan Mikla, Mondernte, Örmagna and many more, who will celebrate the solstice weekend with all the doom and gloom they can muster. So fact check your bible for no mention of Jesus’ birthday and come celebrate Saturnalia instead! RX

Sleikur 4.0

Saturday December 23 —  Bíó Paradís — 22:00-03:00 — 3500 ISK

On Saturday night, not one but two fun events are happening at the town’s go-to arthouse cinema, Bíó Paradís. All queers and people who love them are invited to Sleikur 4.0 queer club night. All proceeds will go to artists and the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund. The program includes DJ sets by Dolli Darko, Sykurél, DJ Sley, and DJ Melerito De Jeré. You can also combine this with the Star Wars marathon taking place at the cinema on the same night. If you’re wearing a Chewbacca costume, you won’t be out of place. IZ

Ilmur & Sjór: Launch Event at Mengi

Saturday December 23 —  Mengi — 20:11-23:00 — 3500 ISK

A new Icelandic perfumery has just launched! Ilmur & Sjór, which translates to Fragrance & Sea, is the brainchild of composer and commercial fisherman Nicholas Brittain Shaber. The project is a true example of how an obsession with Iceland’s nature can result in a physical product that uses local ingredients. The launch party will showcase the new fragrances along with a special guest performance. IZ

Reykjavík Peace Walk

Saturday December 23 — Laugavegur, Austurvöllur — 18:00 — Free

Since 1981, the Reykjavík Peace Walk has been a constant on December 23 (Þorláksmessa). This year is no different. Starting by the newly renovated pedestrian street nearby Hlemmur at 18:00, the march will go through Laugavegur, ultimately ending on Austurvöllur by Alþingi. Usually, attendees would receive a candle to emphasise the demand for world peace. However, reusable lights being sold for 1000 ISK instead of candles. Menntaskólin við Hamrahlíð’s choir will sing in the procession, and speeches in the name of peace will be made at Austurvöllur. JB

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