From Iceland — Watch Partial Solar Eclipse Visible On Tuesday Morning

Watch Partial Solar Eclipse Visible On Tuesday Morning

Published October 24, 2022

Photo by
Kevin Kandlbinder / Unsplash

Around nine o’clock on Tuesday morning, a partial solar eclipse will be visible from Iceland, reports RÚV.

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If the weather is good, the partial eclipse will be visible everywhere in the country. Citizens are encouraged to use protective gear while watching the eclipse.

Solar eclipses occur when the moon is positioned between the earth and the sun, thus casting its shadow on the earth. “If people look at the sky this Tuesday, it’ll look like there’s a little bite missing,” says scientist Sævar Helgi Bragason. also known as Stjörnu-Sævar. “It’ll look a bit like the Apple logo.”

“It’s always something of a spectacle. But the only way to see it is to use appropriate protective equipment, such as eclipse glasses or solar filters,” says Sævar.

The eclipse won’t last long. It will start around nine o’clock, peak just before ten, and fade away. People, therefore, will have more than an hour to observe it. Sævar says it’s good to keep in mind that the sun rises at the same time as the partial eclipse and will therefore be low in the sky.

“So if, for example, you’re in a deep fjord or have tall buildings around you, those could block the sun. So you need to be in a place where you have a clear view,” he says. “With the appropriate protective gear, of course,” says Sævar.

Sævar says that eclipse glasses are not available in Iceland at the moment. But making your ones using transparent lids or plastic bowls is easy. According to Sævar, the most important thing is to look through something that reduces the intensity of the sunlight.

Two weeks from now, on November 8, there will be a partial lunar eclipse,

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