From Iceland — Iceberg Size Of Football Pitch Spotted North Of Iceland

Iceberg Size Of Football Pitch Spotted North Of Iceland

Published September 28, 2022

Andie Sophia Fontaine
Photo by
Davíð Már Bjarnason/Icelandic Met Office

An iceberg roughly the size of a football pitch has floated its way north of Siglufjörður and west of Grímsey, RÚV reports.

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Autumn is a typical time of year for large icebergs to break away from Greenland and float their way towards Iceland. During this time of year, icebergs are most commonly spotted north of Iceland, as the waters further south are often too warm for them to sustain themselves for very long.

Icebergs can prove a nuisance, or even a danger, to fishing boats operating north of the country. For this reason and others, the Icelandic Met Office has a special page dedicated to keeping track of both sea ice and icebergs.

This particular iceberg was spotted by the Icelandic Coast Guard last Monday, and later by fishing boats yesterday. The above photo was taken with a drone, for an Icelandic Met Office entry dated September 20th. Since then, this iceberg has been having quite the journey, traveling along the Westfjords and close to the coast of North Iceland, going as far east as just north of Siglufjörður.

The iceberg poses no immediate threat to anyone, and will in time melt, break apart, and become one with the sea.

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