From Iceland — Iceland Wins The Candy Dispute With Denmark

Iceland Wins The Candy Dispute With Denmark

Published September 7, 2022

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Art Bicnick

Earlier this week, we reported about a Danish company trying to take credit for an old Icelandic candy-making tradition.

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According to Vísir, Lakrids by Bülow has now made it clear that the classic combination of liquorice and chocolate is truly an Icelandic tradition.

After the promo text of Lakrids by Bülow has attracted the attention of comedian and actor Vilhelm Neto on Twitter, it sparked a discussion on social media.

An Icelander, Stefán Ólafsson tweeted, tagging Lakrids by Bülow and the President of Iceland, saying: “This is not your invention! Icelandic candy makers have been doing this for decades.”

In response to the tweet this morning, Lakrids by Bülow admits that it is an Icelandic candy tradition: “We are currently working on changing the text on our website. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.”

According to Twitter users, an interstate dispute has just been averted. However, some of them hoped the case would have been taken further.

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