From Iceland — Iceland Is Among Best Countries For Working Fathers

Iceland Is Among Best Countries For Working Fathers

Published August 30, 2022

Photo by
Adrienne Blaine

A recent study conducted by Lensa looked at the length of paid paternity leave and the average pay rate to find out where in the world fathers are entitled to paid paternity leave.

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According to the study results, Iceland is the fifth best country in the world in this category. Here fathers receive a total of 17.3 weeks of paternity leave and an average payment rate of 80% of their total salary.

In comparison, while fathers in Japan are offered a longer paid leave, a total of 31 weeks, they get on average 60% of their total salary. In South Korea, fathers are offered a total of 24 weeks of fully paid paternity leave. Luxembourg offers 21.2 weeks of paid paternity leave.

The study also compiled similar research about maternity leaves, with results showing that Romania offers the longest paid maternity leave—over 97 weeks.

The ten best countries for working fathers are Japan, South Korea, Luxembourg, Norway, Iceland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Finland, and Germany.

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