From Iceland — “Piercing Crawl”: Our Picks For Piercings In Reykjavík

“Piercing Crawl”: Our Picks For Piercings In Reykjavík

Published June 3, 2022

Alice Poggio
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Joana Fontinha

Piercing has been practised around the globe for centuries, and the general public’s opinion has often been controversial. However you feel about it, we at Grapevine think that piercings should be safe and fun. Our team members chose a piercing studio each, and put their ears on the line. Each studio has its own unique character and charm, but all the piercers have the same ideals: passion for piercing and great regard for safety. Here’s what we found.

Íslenzka Húðflúrstofan

Ingólfsstræti 3, 101 Reykjavík

Piercer: Diljá—Big shoes to fill, but they fit

Íslenzka Húðflúrstofan, one of the oldest and most established studios in Iceland, has young, bright-eyed Diljá as their piercer. Her mentor had Diljá’s job for nearly 11 years. Don’t let her youthful looks fool you, she is knowledgeable, professional and has set incredibly high standards for her practice. The piercing room is spotless, with great emphasis placed on sterilisation and following safety regulations. Diljá’s focus is on creating safe and positive piercing experiences. She achieves that by using quality tools and titanium jewellery. For those who are wondering, it’s perfectly fine to get more than one piercing at once, it will not lengthen or worsen the healing process. Diljá recommends piercing one ear at a time, if you sleep on your side.

Emma Bodyart

Hverfisgata 52, 101 Reykjavík

Piercer: Emma–Boss ass entrepreneur

Emma Bélisle began piercing in 2015. After moving to Iceland in 2019, she worked odd jobs to save up for a dream that no pandemic could suffocate, and eventually began piercing in a barber shop. When asked why she set up shop in such an unusual place, she replied: “I liked the vibe and the people and thought: why not?” Emma’s priority was atmosphere. Stepping into her studio—a spa-like environment that immediately puts any pre-piercing jitters at ease—you realise that creating a welcoming environment remained her focus. As well as care for safety and quality. She only uses nickel-free solid gold hardware with hand-polished titanium backings, APP approved and with a lifetime warranty. There’s also an anodizing machine, which allows Emma to change the colour of jewellery: by altering voltage one can achieve all sorts of colours, light blue, purple, rose gold and much more.The colour can be changed many times.


Kringlan 7, 103 Reykjavík

Piercers: Glódís and Sóla–Ear anatomy nerds

Bleksmiðjan opened in 2010 and Glódís Tara Fannarsdóttir has been there from the start. The veteran piercer’s battle cry is, “ban piercing guns!” Although they’re still common, most piercers worth their salt would never use a piercing gun. She explains that they’re unsterile and, unlike a sharp needle, a gun will tear your skin rather than pierce it. This practice often leads to piercings which are inaccurate and prone to infection. Glódís’ right arm, Sóla, also very capable and comforting, was our piercer. Their dedication to safety is reflected in the studio, where a large area is devoted to the sterilisation of equipment. They both love curated piercings, and say it’s beautiful to find the perfect combination of piercings for someone—like artists arranging artwork in a gallery. “Anatomy is fascinating, no two ears are alike!” Glódis says.

Piercing is a form of body modification, to be done at your own discretion and risk. Make sure you find an accredited piercer that follows updated safety standards. Place cleanliness above all else, listen carefully to your piercer and adhere to the aftercare instructions provided.

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