From Iceland — Russian Ships Banned From Icelandic Ports

Russian Ships Banned From Icelandic Ports

Published May 12, 2022

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Starting from Friday, May 6th, Russian ships are banned from entering Icelandic ports, RÚV reports. This applies to passenger and cargo ships of 500 tonnes and more, cruise ships and yachts. 

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Russia has for many years fished for redfish on the Reykjanes ridge and since 1999 has been exempt from landing and transshipment in Icelandic ports. That exemption was repealed in early March, shortly after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 

According to Lúðvík Geirsson, harbourmaster of Hafnarfjörður, last year the income from trade with Russia was around 50 million ISK. Private companies which supplied Russian trawlers with fishing gear have profited from trade with Russia, too, such as when companies in Iceland have had income from services to Russian fisheries companies. Hjörtur Erlendsson, CEO of Hampiðjan, said that trade with Russia brought his company €6-7 million last year.

Last week, the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky delivered an address to the Icelandic parliament calling for the Icelandic authorities and private companies to stop doing business with Russia and fueling the war. 

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