From Iceland — Hopp Brings Short-Term Car Rent To Reykjavík, But There's A Small Problem

Hopp Brings Short-Term Car Rent To Reykjavík, But There’s A Small Problem

Published March 21, 2022

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Hopp Reykjavík

Last week, Hopp has introduced a short-term electric car rent in Reykjavík. There are 10 cars currently available for rent, with forecasts that this number could increase to 50 by summer. To rent a car, you need to download the Hopp app and verify your driving license. Only a plastic version of a driving license can be used. 

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However, the plastic version of the driving license doesn’t include information on whether the driver has a valid driving license or whether it was temporarily lost. This information is included in the electronic certificate that comes with the license. This means that drivers without a valid driving license might be able to rent a Hopp car. 

Sæunn Ósk Unnsteinsdóttir, CEO of Hopp, says that the reason why it is not possible to use electronic driving licenses is that they are not considered legal documents. “We just follow the rules of the Icelandic Transport Authority. This is just the same as all car rentals in the world. You must have a plastic driving license,” she said.

Sæunn says that Hopp is now working in collaboration with Stafrænt Ísland to find software that would work for the whole world and that it will be possible to use electronic IDs when renting cars. 

It costs 300 ISK to start the car and the minute fee is 45 ISK. Having the car on hold costs 10 ISK per minute.

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