From Iceland — Gallup: Largest Portion Of Icelanders Favour Joining The European Union

Gallup: Largest Portion Of Icelanders Favour Joining The European Union

Published March 10, 2022

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A new poll from Gallup shows the highest level of support for Iceland joining the European Union in 12 years.

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Support for Iceland being in NATO is broad, with 74% of Icelanders either completely supportive (34%), very supportive (21%) or rather supportive (19%) of Iceland being in the military alliance. Only 8% were opposed in any degree, with 16% having no opinion on the matter.

At the same time, support for Iceland joining the EU has been growing since 2010. As of March 2022, 14% said they completely support Iceland joining; 13% were very supportive and 20% were rather supportive, for a total of 47%. 33% were opposed to joining the EU to any degree, with 20% having no opinion.

This can be contrasted with where these numbers were in 2010, when a total of 26% of those polled favoured joining the EU, while a total of 59% were opposed. In 2014, those numbers shifted to 37% in favour and 46% opposed.

Iceland, while not a part of the EU, is part of the EEA and EFTA, but has had a contentious relationship with the European Union. Iceland first began accession talks in 2011, having applied in 2009, during a time when Iceland was led by a very pro-EU government.

The beginning of the end was in 2015, when under a new government, then Foreign Minister Gunnar Bragi Sveinsson unilaterally decided to send a letter to EU authorities announcing that Iceland no longer wished to join the EU. This was met by concerted protests, even including those who opposed Iceland joining the EU, as the general sentiment was that the matter should have at least been put to a Parliamentary vote, if not a national referendum.

As it stands now, there has been no real drive to re-enter negotiations with the European Union about joining.

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