From Iceland — Poll: Largest Portion Want Current Government To Continue

Poll: Largest Portion Want Current Government To Continue

Published September 17, 2021

Andie Sophia Fontaine
Photo by
Art Bicnick

According to a new poll conducted for Fréttablðið from September 13th through September 16th, the largest share of potential voters asked what Iceland’s next government should be say they want the current one—led by the Left-Greens with the Independence Party and the Progressive Party—to continue.

48.3% of respondents were pleased enough with the current coalition to say that they wish this to be the next one as well. However, 27% want a coalition comprised of the People’s Party, the Pirate Party, the Social Democrats, the Socialist Party and the Left-Greens, while about 25% want the next coalition to be comprised of the Progressive Party, the Social Democrats, the Reform Party and the Pirates.

In terms of individual party support, the Independence Party has the greatest amount, with 21.3% saying they intend to vote for them. The Progressives came in at 12.6%, while the Left-Greens received 10%.

Meanwhile, amongst opposition parties, the Social Democrats came in with 14.2% saying they intended to vote for them. This was followed by the Reform Party at 11.6%; the Pirate Party at 11.5%; the Socialist Party at 7.7%; the Centre Party at 5.9% and the People’s Party at 4.7%.

On the issues, 72.2% said the health care system is most important to address, followed by jobs and the economy, and elderly people’s issues, which came slightly ahead of the environment. 11.2% named the European Union as a core issue when deciding how to vote.

Parliamentary elections will be held on September 25th. For more on who these parties are, where they stand on the political spectrum and what their platforms are, see our handy election guide.

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