From Iceland — Iceland Declared Top Post-Apocalyptic Travel Destination

Iceland Declared Top Post-Apocalyptic Travel Destination

Published July 29, 2021

Erik Pomrenke
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NASA | Unsplash

Surprising no-one, a recent study has named Iceland as a promising location to ride out the collapse of modern society.

The study, published in the journal Sustainability, singled out nations like New Zealand, Iceland, Ireland, and Australia as “nodes of persisting complexity.” In other words, these island communities are complex and self-sustaining enough survive a “global de-complexification.” Their words, not ours.

Aled Jones, one of the authors of the study, stated to the Guardian that:

“The [academic] literature paints a picture of human civilisation that is in a perilous state, with large and growing risks developing in multiple spheres of the human endeavour […] We need to start thinking about resilience much more in global planning. But obviously, the ideal thing is that a quick collapse doesn’t happen.”

The study comes in the wake of the COVID pandemic, and the fragility it has exposed in an age of global inter-connectedness, climate change, and political strife.

Features of these nations that were considered were their ability to grow their own food, maintain their own power grids, and control their own borders.

New Zealand took the gold medal and was singled out as the most resilient community, which is no surprise for anyone who has seen them weather COVID relatively unscathed.

The study bears a strong resemblance in its conclusions to a study from 2019, which contended Iceland would be one of the best places to save humanity from a global extinction event.

So next time global society collapses, how about a nice vacation on our cold little island in the North?

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