From Iceland — Whale Carcass In Garðskagi Pulled Out Into The Sea

Whale Carcass In Garðskagi Pulled Out Into The Sea

Published March 16, 2021

Photo by
Jolanta Janaszek

The whale carcass that washed ashore in Garðskagi has been pulled back out into the sea.

Many people had visited the carcass over the past week, despite police banners attempting to stop them. It was feared that the carcass would explode, likely upsetting any individual nearby at the time.

A ticking time bomb

Scientists conducted research on the whale whilst it was on land and deducted that the carcass had become significantly swollen due to gas formation.

The longer it stayed on land, the more likely it would explode hence why the deceased giant was towed back into the sea.

People were getting very close to the carcass with some even touching it; something the scientists highly disapproved  of.

Back where it belongs

Víkurfréttir reported today that Sigurður’s diving service had designated with the task of towing it back into the ocean.

The ship that hauled it off the shore was called Hannes Þ. Hafstein.

The intention was to sink the carcass as with it being on land for so long, the smell would become unbearable due to rising temperatures.

It was moved as far away from land as possible.

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