From Iceland — Icelandic Government Corrects Bloomberg On Vaccine Numbers

Icelandic Government Corrects Bloomberg On Vaccine Numbers

Published December 21, 2020

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Iceland’s Ministry of Health has issued a correction to Bloomsberg over the latter’s reporting on what percentage of Icelanders are ensured vaccination against the coronavirus.

In a detailed report from Bloomberg, under the subheading “World Map of Vaccine Contracts”, hovering Iceland shows the contention that only 61% of the nation’s people are ensured vaccinations through available contracts. This puts Iceland far below most every other country in western Europe, with only some western Balkan states having fewer secured vaccine contracts.

However, a statement from the Ministry of Health tells a different story.

“The Icelandic government has already secured vaccines that will suffice for 87% of the populace, through cooperative efforts with European countries with contracts with EU authorities,” the statement reads.

The statement contends that Iceland has already made agreements with Pfizer and Astra Zeneva for 400,000 doses, with another 235,000 doses from Janssen to be secured when Iceland signs an agreement with them on Wednesday. In all, these agreements ensure vaccinations against the coronavirus for 317,500 Icelanders, of whom there are just over 360,000.

On December 31st, the statement concludes, a contract will also be signed with Moderna, but it has yet to be determined how many vaccine doses that agreement will entail.

According to Bloomberg, most western European countries have secured vaccines to cover at least 172% of their populations. Apart from the aforementioned western Balkan states, the only differences are Switzerland, which has ensured enough vaccines for 97% of the population, and the UK, which has reportedly secured enough for 295% of their people.

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