From Iceland — Duck Couple Of Hlöllabátar Divorce

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Sam O'Donnell

The ducks outside of Hlöllabátar have apparently divorced. That’s right, love is dead and life is meaningless. If two ducks can’t make it, what hope is there?

For nearly a decade, the charming couple–aptly named Andrés and Andrésína–have made the sub shop a regular stop. They have both become good friends with the workers at the restaurant, which raises the question: will the employees side with one duck over the other?

“[Andrés] is always here before us in the morning and jumps up to the window to let us know,” employee Guðjón Þór Valsson told Fréttablaðið, adding that Andrésína was always with her husband, and that their routine began long before he started working there.

Andrés was always a perfect gentleman. “He always made sure she got the first few crumbs and didn’t start eating himself until she was satisfied,” Guðjón said. “He may have grabbed one or two bread crumbs, but only if he saw her turn away from it.”

The iconic duo made Hlöllabátar their go-to place for lunch for a long time, until another duck couple started coming as well. “It all went wrong when that couple came at the same time and the drakes sometimes fought.” Andrés usually had the upper hand in those fights, and the couple often came at a different time.

Artistic depiction of the breakup

But true love is fleeting, if such a thing even exists. Staff at Hlöllabátar have recently noticed Andrés and Andrésína coming to their window individually, which is unusual for the couple. They seem to have broken up. The exact cause for the separation is unclear, but Hlölli’s employees will continue to feed the two ducks, only separately.

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