From Iceland — Linda B: Beer Is Now Also Dessert

Linda B: Beer Is Now Also Dessert

Published January 28, 2020

Inês Pereira
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Víking brugghús' Facebook

The Viking Brewery (VB) and RVK Brewing Company (RB) got together to create a dry, 10.5% in volume beer that tastes like candy. The two brewers, Baldur Kárason (of VB) and Valgeir Valgeirsson (of RB) were excited to join forces, reports Morgunblaðið.

The new imperial stout beer, Linda B., gets its name from the northern Icelandic candy company, Linda, which produces the sweet-fluffed-filled chocolate Lindubuff that flavours this beer.

“The idea at first was to start brewing beer up north with northern ingredients. Linda was founded in Akureyri and so Lindubuff is a northern candy.” says Valgeir. “We had a few boxes of Lindabuff, and it occurred to us that this was well suited for beer; it has these cocoa and sweet vanilla notes that blend well with the stronger notes of licorice. It ticked off all the boxes, and I am delighted with the results.”

This cooperation was a moment to create something that might excite every brew nerd, but it was also a moment for the exchange of knowledge between Baldur and Valgeir.

“I saw this as an opportunity for me because Viking has never brewed this beer style, it was fun to be involved in creating something new, ” says Valgeir, who has been in the brewing business since 2007. He hopes to learn more from the master, Baldur, who has been in the business since 1993 and has developed more than 50 beers. They are planning on repeating the partnership again later this year.

So you can now double your beer as dessert thanks to these two breweries. You can get Linda B. at any Vínbúðin close to you.

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