From Iceland — Artist Auður Gets An Earful From Chairman Bjarnheiður Hallsdóttir

Artist Auður Gets An Earful From Chairman Bjarnheiður Hallsdóttir

Published August 27, 2019

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The Chairman of the Icelandic Tourism Association, Bjarnheiður Hallsdóttir, has condemned the work of Auðunn Lúthersson, better known as Auður. She worried his music could have a negative influence on young people, and posted her opinion about him on her Facebook page, which attracted a lot of attention. Auður is an extremely popular artist and was nominated for eight awards at the Icelandic music awards for his album ‘Afsakanir.’

She saw him perform his largest hit, “Freðinn,” and worried that the song will make kids and teens interested in drugs. To be fair, the lyrics translate to “I always think of you when I’m high,” and he was performing at 19:00 to a large crowd.

Bjarnheiður says she understands about freedom of speech, and she knows that kids can access the internet for almost everything. She is concerned that parents won’t know how to explain to kids that the artist’s message is bad when they see him performing early in the evening for families.

Auður could not be reached for comment, as he does not give interviews. However, Vísir spoke to Arnar Eggert Thoroddsen, a doctor in popular music. He said that it is a historical fact that people blame modern music for youthful rebellion.

He also said that people tend to get too involved in talking about role models. The average person is smart enough to listen to music about drugs and not use them. He went on to say that in every narrative, there is something called a narrator. Just because the narrator says something, does not mean that it is the author’s message.

Note: Previously, this article stated that Bjarnheiður accused Auður of using drugs. This was inaccurate, and we apologise.

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