From Iceland — Photos And Video: A Midnight Rainbow Over Iceland

Photos And Video: A Midnight Rainbow Over Iceland

Published July 3, 2019

Andie Sophia Fontaine
Photo by
Harpa Heimisdóttir

A perfect combination of weather conditions, latitude and time of year created the unique phenomenon of the midnight rainbow in Iceland last night, as both video and numerous photos attest.

It’s that time of year in Iceland again: the sun is up, and it won’t be setting again until August, as countries at this latitude experience the “midnight sun” for the summer. While this can prove to be a minor annoyance for those trying to sleep, it can create some transcendental moments, such as the rare appearance of a midnight rainbow.

This video, shot last night by Örn Úlfar Sævarsson, shows how the midnight rainbow appeared on the north coast of West Reykjavík.

Örn was apparently not the only one to notice the midnight rainbow and decide to document it. Many other Icelanders had their phones out, ready to share the magic on Instagram, including architect Harpa Heimisdóttir, who took the photo you see above. More examples include the following:

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Summer midnight in Iceland 🌈 . . . . #iceland #reykjavik #reykjavík #ísland #summer #midnight #midnightsun #midnightrainbow #night #arcticlight #66N #summernights

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Það er fátt epískara en íslensk sumarnótt á myrkri mánu, við varðeld undir bleikum himni og fjórföldum sólareldsregnboga, með dásemdar gyðjum 🙌🏻 Þessi mána er greinilega full af töfrum, ævintýrum og óskum sem fá að rætast 🌈🌚✨ #iceland #midnightsun #midnightrainbow #newmoon #lífertuaðgrínast

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Not the northern lights, but definitely a first: #rainbow at #midnight ! #midnightrainbow #iceland #reykjavík #travel #rustygoesiceland #rustyontheroad #workatmidnight #ilovemyjob

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Midnight rainbow #summernights #rainbow #summeriniceland #iceland #midnightrainbow #midnightmagic

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#rainbow at #midnight #midnightsun #midnightrainbow

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There are no known exact figures on how often this happens, but it’s rare enough that if you do witness a midnight rainbow, you should take a moment to enjoy it.

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