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The Week In Weather: Summer Around Reykjavík, Winter In The East

Published June 3, 2019

Photos by
Chmee2/Wikimedia Commons

The received wisdom of Icelandic summer weather will continue to be subverted over the next few days, as the South and West of Iceland receive warm sunny weather, with temperatures of up to 11 degrees in the southwest.

Meanwhile, the north and east of Iceland, generally thought to have better weather in the summer months, will remain colder and overcast, with precipitation continuing over Tuesday. Expect north and north-easterly winds across much of the island.

Sunshine will increase in the south and west on Wednesday and Thursday, while the east and north will have cloudy but largely dry conditions. Friday will bring a marked mellowing of conditions, with rainfall occurring over much of the East, and even potential snow in Eastern and central regions. For those in the West, expect intermittent sunlight in the North-Western regions, which will give way to cloud cover by Saturday. Winds will remain north and north easterly, and will be strongest in the centre and northwest.

As always, be sure and check both weather and road conditions before travelling.

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