From Iceland — Petition Launched Calling For Nara Walker To Be Allowed Return To Australia

Petition Launched Calling For Nara Walker To Be Allowed Return To Australia

Published February 18, 2019

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Nara Walker

Nara Walker, a young Australian woman whose domestic violence case has sparked international headlines, is on her way to prison after her appeal to the Supreme Court was rejected. Her incarceration has been confirmed despite the fact that she was defending herself against abuse from her now ex-husband, but a petition has been started calling for her to be pardoned and allowed to return to Australia.

As reported, Nara told Grapevine that she had been trapped in an abusive relationship with her now ex-husband for years. On the night in question, after an argument that broke out in their apartment in the presence of another woman and an American tourist, Nara says her ex grabbed her, forced himself upon her, and stuck his tongue in her mouth. On reflex, Nara bit down, removing the tip of his tongue. She was subsequently charged with assault and sentenced in Reykjavík District Court, later appealing it to the Appellate Court, which lengthened her sentence. In a last-ditch effort, she appealed to the Supreme Court, but they have declined to hear her case.

Now a petition is circulating calling for her freedom.

“We, the people, make a call to the President of Iceland, to stand up and take right action,” the petition text reads in part. “To grant Nara Walker full and complete pardon from Maximum Security prison, her entrapment in Iceland, and all criminal charges against her name in full. We raise this case due to the fact that Common Law Principles of Self Defence have been overlooked by the Judicial System. We ask you to allow this young woman to return safely to her home country and family.”

What is even more striking about this case is that the ex in question has admitted to abusive behaviour towards her. In copies of Facebook messages that Grapevine has received, and that were submitted as evidence in court, he has admitted to such behaviour as spiking her tea with LSD without her knowledge nor consent, and to have physically struck her. He also admitted to a number of these acts in court himself.

“Nara spoke the truth, and she believed that the system would hear her. This is our chance to get the system to listen,” a message from Nara’s family pleads. “Nara is my daughter, but she could be your sister, mother, aunty, friend, or lover, or the girl sitting next to you, today or tomorrow, she could be you.”

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