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People Named ‘Valentine’ Can Get A Free Trip To Iceland

Published February 14, 2019

Aliya Uteuova
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Photo by WOW Air

If your name is Valentine, all the days of strangers associating you with Valentine’s Day have paid off. It looks like you can finally graduate from seeing Iceland through Instagram to exploring it for yourself.

WOW Air is offering any passenger named ‘Valentine’ free air travel on flights from four US cities to Iceland. Good news, you can bring a plus one.

To be eligible, one of the passengers in the booking must have Valentine as their name or surname (middle names don’t count, sorry).

If you’re one of the lucky ones who was named after Saint Valentine, you better hurry because the last day to book to be eligible for the offer is today. For terms and conditions visit WOW Air website.

A legend states that Valentine was a priest in third century Rome. During that time, it was believed that in order to be a good soldier, a man must remain single. Valentine didn’t have any of that and secretly performed marriages for young lovebirds. When the emperor heard about Valentine’s deeds, he ordered the priest to be executed. And on that cheerful note, happy Valentine’s Day.

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