From Iceland — Airwaves Tipsters 2018: Alex Sinclair's Must See Bands At Iceland Airwaves

Airwaves Tipsters 2018: Alex Sinclair’s Must See Bands At Iceland Airwaves

Published September 4, 2018

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Art Bicnick

Alex Sinclair is the marketing manager of the Mengi organisation, and as such is subject to a constant stream of new Icelandic music. We asked her to pick out some of the the Icelandic acts she’s most excited to see on this year’s Airwaves lineup.

Saying I am a super fan is probably putting it lightly? aYia is one of the most exciting projects to have come out of Reykjavik in recent years and their debut album is going to send them on a path of world domination. Check them out before they are too busy conquering the planet.

A good friend of mine describes Bergur in the following way ‘all the girls want to be with him, and all the boys wanna be him’ and I think that sums him up perfectly. Berghaim is his new solo project which is a bit more experimental and different to his usual indie sounds, but it’s a great mix of storytelling and simple but engaging beats. Definitely one for fans of ducks.

Madonna + Child
I love everything about this band. Their aesthetic, their music and their stage performance is unique, mysterious and creepy in the best possible way.

JóiPé x Króli
I have seen these guys perform so many times I have literally lost count. I once even chased them across Iceland and saw them three times in one day. They are that good.

Une Misère
I only saw these guys live very recently at PrikPort and I loved it. Their energy, tunes and willingness to climb dangerous structures whilst performing makes them a highly engaging act to watch. It’s safe to say I will be at all of their shows from now on.

Read more about the 2018 Iceland Airwaves festival here. Tickets are on sale now.

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