From Iceland — Update: Heimir Not Leaving For Basel After All

Update: Heimir Not Leaving For Basel After All

Published August 1, 2018

Noemi Ehrat

Update : Swiss media outlet Blick just reported that despite all the rumours on Heimir Hallgrímsson joining the Swiss football club FC Basel as new coach, Marcel Koller, former coach of the Austrian national team, will take over. Read our original article here:

Swiss newspaper laRegione recently covered the ongoing rumour that Heimir Hallgrímsson, departing Icelandic football manager and the mastermind behind their success, might be going to FC Basel next.

In the immensely quotable interview in Italian, he stated such platitudes as, “A month has already passed since the end of the World Cup, but the great feeling remains. All in all, the [Icelandic] people are proud. To have participated in a World Championship for the first time is a reason for pride and overall, our performance was good.” Inspiring stuff, Heimir.

Leaving the comfort zone

When asked about the mysterious reasons behind his departure as the national coach, Heimir stealthy dodged the question like a natural politician. “Seven years are a very long time in the career of a coach,” he said. “I’ve accumulated much experience, I was able to take part in big international competitions. Now, I want to leave my comfort zone. I desire to have different experiences, confront new challenges”. Fair enough! But where will he do so?

I think that any coach in the world would like to guide a club that prestigious.

For those unaware, Heimir used to be a dentist. In between root-canals and spit, he’d be on the field, hurting people in an entirely different way. Would be consider abandoning coaching in favour of cavities and laughing gas?

“Not at all,” Heimir assured. “Sure, I’m a dentist and will be one for all my life, but I want to continue coaching. I have several possibilities, but I’m not under pressure. My intention is to think thoroughly about the choice. I love being on the football field daily, which is why I coach a team voluntarily, but if there were an offer of a national football team, I’ll take it into consideration.” A national football team, huh? Hmm…

Move to Basel?

laRegione speculates that his future might lie in Switzerland. They claim to have inside information that Heimir has been offered him to Basel.

After the departure of Raphaël Wicky, who served for one season, the Rhinelanders are looking for a new coach. “Personally, I have never talked to Basel’s CEOs, but that would certainly be a beautiful option. I think that any coach in the world would like to guide a club that prestigious.” No question, there are interesting days ahead for Heimir and it’s not only the Swiss who follow Heimir’s every move with bated breath, or rather, basel breath.

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