The Weekend Edit: 5 Things To Do In Reykjavik This Weekend

The Weekend Edit: 5 Things To Do In Reykjavik This Weekend

Published April 6, 2018

Photo by
Hörður Sveinsson
Art Bicnick
Timothee Lambrecq

With the infamous Easter cold spell finally behind us, we are certainly entitled to a lovely sunny weekend. Whether you choose to spend it out and about in the countryside or drinking your weight in Guinness and hitting the town, we’ve compiled a fresh Weekend Edit to help you choose amongst the wide variety of events in Reykjavík. If you feel like expanding your horizons, however, you can also check our app Happenings for further suggestions.


Red Threads | Solveig Pálsdóttir
Saturday 7th — 20:00 — Ekkisens

Artist and rapper Solveig Pálsdóttir is best known for her wildly erotic silk prints and rap. For reference: see ‘Pussy Pics’. Solveig’s mantra is that the need for creativity is rooted deep in human nature—a defence mechanism against constant visual stimulation. Like a Shaman or witch, artists build altars and perform rituals in order to create a dialogue between the viewers consciousness and their own. Her works definitely create a dialogue—get ready to feel confused, aroused, and if you are super prude, a little uncomfortable. That said, comfort zones are made to be broken, so bring an extra pair of pants. To keep with the theme, Röska, better known as the Shaman Witch from the North, will be soundtracking the evening. HJC


Visit The Town Of Laugarvatn
All Weekend

Take advantage of this wonderful, sunny weekend and drive to the tiny town of Laugarvatn, built right at the shores of the homonymous lake, for a quiet day away from the capital area. There are numerous hiking trails to choose from if you feel like exploring the surrounding mountains, but if you want to devote the entire day to eating and relaxing stop by local farm Efstidalur for a taste of homemade ice cream and a look at the happy cows. Then soak up in the local geothermal baths of Fontana and take a dive in the icy cold lake. Check out our Laugarvatn Town Guide for more inspiration on what to do and where to eat. AD

House of Strike: Vol. 5
Friday 6th — Húrra — 21:00 — 1.500 ISK

Reykjavík’s dirtiest drag monarchs get together for the filthiest night of the month. Expect butch comedy Queen Jackie Moon, the enchanting Strell Ytzia and soundcloud fuckboi Hans. Make sure to wear your fishiest sponge dress to soak up all that… ‘sweat’.  HJC

Friday 6th — 20:00 — Tjarnarbíó

Katrín Gunnarsdóttir’s conceptual piece, gentle and slow-paced, is demanding the viewers’ full attention as they become immersed in the dreamy flow of a journey along with the trio of performers. It reflects upon women’s collective physical labour and is a metaphorical response to the fast pace and the loudness of the modern society. Far from a masculine climax or an intense catharsis, this one comes in waves, rising and falling in a continuous state of flow. KK


Pink Street Boys / Godchilla / Mister Lizard / Herd Mover
Saturday 7th — Dillon — 21:00 — 1.000 ISK

Pink Street Boys are one of those bands that will have you screaming, “THIS IS TOO LOUD!!!” With unrelenting onslaughts of guitars, pedals, unintelligible vocals and pounding drums, this is a concert you might want to wear earplugs to…and some comfy shoes if you plan on getting in the pit. Also playing are the surf-sludge doom metal stalwarts of Godchilla, and UK monsters Mister Lizard and Herd Mover. HJC

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