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Warning: Storms Are Back, And Here To Stay

Published February 1, 2018

Alice Demurtas
Photos by
Timothée Lambrecq
Art Bicnick

With the spectacle of the super blue moon to brighten up the early hours of yesterday morning and a similarly breathtaking, orange-tinged sunset today, we almost forgot we are in the middle of winter.

Knowing how unforgiving the weather can be, however, it’s certain that it won’t let us forget for very long. The -5 degrees that welcomed Reykjavík residents outside their doorsteps this morning are only the beginning. Storms are in fact set to knock at our doors again during the weekend and are set to progress well into next week.

The North in particular will be battered by strong winds blowing from 5 to 13 metres per second, but those travelling around the South and West will be afflicted the most by bad weather. Powerful storms will bring snow, rain and hail to the above-mentioned regions during the entire weekend, with a final splash of heavy rain on Sunday that will continue until next week.

Say goodbye to the white, winter wonderland for now! The rain and wind are back, and they’re here to stay, so make sure you drive safely if you’re travelling around the countryside, paying particular attention to the slippery asphalt.

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