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Reykjavík Water Safe To Drink Again

Published January 16, 2018

Photos by
Art Bicnick

The latest measurements taken indicate that it is safe to drink Reykjavík area water. Drinking water no longer requires boiling before consumption.

RÚV reports that city officials going over the latest measurements taken came to the conclusion that there is nothing that indicates Reykjavík drinking water is unsafe for consumption. It may also be used in food production, which is specifically pointed out in part because production of Coca Cola in Iceland was briefly halted today. The soft drink’s production and distribution has begun anew.

As reported, high levels of soil bacteria was detected in water wells across much of Reykjavík last night. While not dangerous to drink for most people, city officials did initially advise that people with “[a] poor immune system, infants, elderly or people with underlying conditions” may be vulnerable to illness. It was therefore advised that drinking water be boiled before consumption.

As such, you can now safely drink Icelandic water from the tap again, and the need to buy bottled water remains, as almost always, virtually non-existent.

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