From Iceland — Island Life: Ghost Ships, DUIs, And A Fatal Bus Crash

Island Life: Ghost Ships, DUIs, And A Fatal Bus Crash

Published January 6, 2018

We are sad to report that a serious tour bus accident just west of Kirkjubæjarklaustur resulted in several grave injuries and at least one death at the time of this writing. The accident was reportedly caused by icy conditions on the road. We want to stress that taking a tour bus is normally very safe in Iceland, but this news reminds us all that you should never underestimate road conditions here, least of all during the winter.

Up in the Westfjörds, a mystery that has remained unsolved for some 20 years has finally been put to rest. Energy researchers conducting an infrared scan of Tálknafjörður discovered what at first appeared to be a geothermal vent on the ocean floor. On closer inspection, they realised they were looking at a ghost ship. That is to say, the wreckage of the ship Þrymur BA-7, which disappeared without a trace in 1997. At the time, intensive investigations were conducted, as insurance fraud was suspected, but no evidence of the ship was ever recovered. UNTIL NOW.

A man in East Iceland was subjected to a traffic stop recently, as he appeared to be driving under the influence. After being arrested and taken into custody, he refused to take a blood test, citing a fear of needles, in what must be one of the most novel ways to avoid a blood-alcohol test. He demanded that his mother be present to draw a sample instead. While his wish to not have his blood drawn was respected, this resulted in his licence being taken away. So maybe it wasn’t the best plan after all.

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