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Probability For A White Christmas High

Published December 18, 2017

Elías Þórsson
Photos by
Varvara Lozenko

If the Icelandic Met Office is to be believed (grain of salt and all that) we can expect a white Christmas across Iceland, reports Vísir.

It has hardly escaped anyone’s attention that today has been warmer than lately, but this is not set to last.

“After today, the weather will be pretty much all grey across the country,” meteorologist Teitur Arason said. “Then we’ll get snow on the 23.”

There are, however, still six days until Christmas and a lot can change in that time. While it will rain today, we expect snow and hail tomorrow and Wednesday.

“It will rain Friday and then the snow that will possibly come tomorrow will met,” said Teitur. “But it will get colder on the 23 and there will be frost across the country on Christmas Eve and that could lead to Christmas snow. Changes are pretty good.”

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