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Norður Og Niður Festival Updates Schedule, Becomes Even Cooler

Published December 12, 2017

Elías Þórsson
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Norður og Niður

The Sigur rós love child the Norður og Niður art festival has already expanded way beyond your run of the mill music festival and it keeps just getting cooler and better.

Today, the festival announced a plethora of new acts and events, ranging from music to dance pieces.

Dance, dance, dance

The Iceland Dance Company (IDC) will perform the very interesting piece “The Great Gathering”, where children and adults alike will jump in puddles, get nose bleeds (those are Sigur rós references for those not in the know) and show us how unclear this world of ours is. The IDC will also perform “Myrkrið faðmar (At dusk, we embrace), which is set to new music by Sigur rós and deals with breaking out of our past during the darkest, gloomiest time of the year.

Pacific rhythms and confusion

Oceanus is a musical piece by Chris Watson, which is made from sounds from the pacific. All layers of sound are recorded at a three metre depth below the surface and capture rare underwater sounds and movements.

The Stair/The Points is a 80 instrument musical work performed by school children and is certain to bring back the days of marching band wonders.

Grapevine contributor and all around cool chick Rex Beckett has a rockin’ musical project called Rex Pistols, which mixes goth misery with synth pop, making you feel a very conflicting and confusing need to dance while crying.

The Norður og Niður festival might be in its infancy, but it has already become a must in the yearly musical calendar.

Be there, or be somewhere else, we don’t care, we’ll be having a blast.

Read more about the Norður og Niður art festival here.

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